What You Will Learn

As you’ve probably figured out by now, we’re big on learning. The more digital marketing skills you learn, and the more you continue to learn, the better prepared you will be to succeed in this fast-paced, technology driven age.

Digital Marketing Skills

Here are some of the tangible digital marketing skills you will learn in the apprenticeship program. Check out this list of the top marketing certifications apprentices learn in addition to new skills.







Social Media

Database Querying


Data Modeling


Project Management

How do your digital marketing skills rank?

5 Ways of Growing

Equally, if not more important than tangible skills, are the intangible skills you will learn. These are the skills that truly embody the apprenticeship mindset. When fully embraced, these skills will allow you to accomplish nearly anything. We’ve synthesized these skills into five pillars that we call the 5 Ways of Growing.

Persist with Stubborn Self-Determination
Persist with Stubborn Self-Determination
The outcome of your learning is up to you. You need to be the only one making it happen.
Take Action
Take Action
Not just busy-work, not just thinking or planning, not just 'figuring it out.' Taking initiative, learning from failure, and doing my best to produce results today.
Seek out the Master
Seek out the Master
Take up with masters of the craft who have been around longer than you, who know more than you do, and who are willing to open a feedback loop into what you're doing.
Give More Than You Get
Give More Than You Get
Reject entitlement in all its forms. Instead, ask yourself, 'How can I create exceptional value here?'
Work with Passion
Work with Passion
No indifference. Love what you do and pour your creativity and energy into it.

Ready to become an apprentice? Look over the timeline and compensation to see if it’s for you!

Marketing in the Digital Age

Traditional marketing is going through a massive transition. Everything is becoming digitized. The rapid advancement of technology has greatly changed the way we consume information and how we interact with the people and world around us. This digital shift has brought with it exciting new ways to approach marketing and a countless number of platforms of which to take advantage.

Although the digital age has opened a world of new opportunities for the marketer, it has also placed an increased demand on the need for rapid skill development and continuous learning. Quite simply, what is popular and successful today may be obsolete a year from now. Staying ahead of the curve by constantly learning and embracing new technologies is paramount to success.

Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing

Below are some common career opportunities in digital marketing. Just remember, whether you are the CEO, a freelancer, or an entry-level employee, a growth mindset is absolutely imperative to success.

  • Analytics
  • Affiliate marketing
  • CRM and e-mail
  • Content Strategy
  • Community Manager
  • Copywriting
  • Digital advertising sales
  • Ecommerce
  • Inbound marketing
  • Online Public Relations
  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Web and mobile development
  • Web design
  • User experience

Develop the skills you need to launch a career that you’ll love.

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