The Top 1% of Digital Marketing Talent

According to Leadership IQ research, 46% of newly-hired employees will fail within 18 months. How do you combat the mistake of hiring the wrong fit? By hiring for dispositions and cultural fit rather than solely technical skills and years of experience.

Of the hundreds of applications Digital Creative receives each year, less than 1% become top marketing talent and eligible for placement at our partner companies.

The Digital Creative Screening Process

A 22-Point System for Screening Top Marketing Talent Modeled After the Approach used at Google


The Top 1%

All digital marketing candidates pass through the DCI 22-Point Advanced Certification to thoroughly vet in the 4 categories above. Because of their extensive background and skills check, partner companies experience a 93% retention rate after the first 12 months of hiring.


Hiring top marketing talent is just the first step.

Go beyond simply hiring the right fit at your company. Continue to grow new talent through hands-on training and ultimately long-term retention.

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