Sarah Davis

Content Marketing Manager

Sarah Davis is a recent communication graduate of Trinity University with a passion for writing and project management. Not knowing right away what her career path would be, she soon found her passion for digital marketing once joining the DCI team.

Throughout college Sarah pursued several writing projects from reporting on campus events for the student newspaper or writing for a local San Antonio magazine. Thriving more in team settings, Sarah moved on to producing and directing a news show on the campus TV station. Her favorite task is tackling videography projects and crafting the perfect content offer.

Developing an apprenticeship mindset of continuous learning, Sarah moves forward in her skill development by leading Digital Creative Institute’s content marketing strategy and program curriculum.

What apprenticeship experience did you benefit from most?

I found myself shadowing and eventually working with a classmate at Trinity when I decided to learn how to shoot video to cover campus events for our TV station. I asked a classmate if I could tag along to this forum and just from that one event I learned almost everything I needed to know from observing and hands on work.

It taught me not only how to use all the equipment and do the video editing after, but also the importance of teaching one another and passing along skills.

What emerging marketing technology excites you?

Marketing automation platforms. Technologies such as Pardot and Marketo have huge capabilities and possibilities with automation and I want to learn how to use all of them!

Sarah Davis San Antonio Marketing

Belief Statement

“There are no failures, only outcomes—as long as I learn something I’m succeeding.”

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