Paul’s Apprenticeship Journey

From Army Captain → to Digital Marketer


Hey! I’m Paul, and this is my story.


My passion for content creation continues to grow as I explore my new city–checking out the sites, paddle boarding, and meeting my new cohort, one bowl of ramen and glass of pinot noir at a time.

Pursuing a degree in Digital Marketing has been a leap of faith towards my passion in marketing. There’s so much to learn (it’s like drinking from a fire-hose) but with the challenges comes exhilaration in knowing that I’m pursuing what I love to do.

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What is your past military position?

I actually had multiple jobs while I was active: I was a Platoon Leader, an Executive Officer, and at the end of my career I was working as an Admin Assistant to a 2-star General.

Do you have any past experience in digital marketing?

I don’t, actually. I have a degree in marketing, but I haven’t used it. This is my first experience with digital marketing, and being around people who are in this space. It’s been interesting to say the least, as I’m still getting use to the language and practices, but definitely excited for what’s coming!

What are you most excited to learn during the apprenticeship program?

I want to learn everything–this is just fun! I’m most excited to capitalize on the ideas that I have, especially as I begin focusing on my career in nonprofits. Whether it be through content creation or working on campaigns, it excites me that I’m in program with coaches and professionals that have the skillsets to teach me what they know, so I can draw from their experiences and make myself a better marketer overall.

How are apprenticeships and military training similar?

Apprenticeship to military are very similar, first just from the perspective of the on the job training–you jump in right away, learning new technical skills. In the military, we call it “left seat, right seat,” and I personally like learning that way, as it gets me involved in the work early. 

What skills did you gain from the military that will help you as a digital marketer?

Some transferrable skills from the military to digital marketing, are being concise and presenting a vision in a very succinct way. 

Why did you chose DCI?

I chose DCI because it was a great opportunity for me to get technical training in a filed that I enjoy, while also having the opportunity to receive a hands-on experience through a full-time position.

What would you tell any veteran interested in pursuing a career in digital marketing?

DO IT! That’s definitely a subjective question, but for me–yes; digital marketing is something I have a lot of passion for, and if there someone in the military interested in learning more about it, I would say absolutely check it out. 

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