Patty Toms

Patty Toms is a Social Media Maven and Encouragement Enthusiast. She is multi-passionate and lives an intentionally full Entrepreneur lifestyle in San Antonio, TX and Oklahoma City, OK. Before a title and clear definition of being a Social Media Strategist existed, Patty has had her finger on the pulse of all things digital starting in her 2005 Myspace days and moving forward to our current digital world.

She is a firm believer that all the “credentials” a person has can be found via Google or LinkedIn, and welcomes you to look her up to gain insight into her formal industry information. (“Nobody really likes to read all that fluff when they can look it up.” – Patty Toms-)

As a true extrovert, Patty gains energy from connection. She has learned that who you are and what you do are two different things, but it should all align with high EQ.

What emerging marketing technology excites you?

This industry is ever-changing, but currently I am excited about under 5K micro-influencers and content curation and creation when it comes to businesses working with micro-influencers and vice versa. I am interested in AR gaming to be specific, and fascinated with immersing oneself in any environment around the world via gaming. I’d be lying if I didn’t mention how excited I get about the power and strategy of all things Social Media.


Belief Statement

“Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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