Partner Companies

Partner companies hire apprentices and provide valuable growth opportunities in digital marketing. As a result, the companies experience quick onboarding, higher retention, and results from day one with their new marketing hire.

These are companies committed to learning and growing, just like apprentices. Check out some of our partner companies in San Antonio and Austin and view the case studies of apprentice success.

Digital Creative Institute Partner Companies

Southwest Exteriors

Supervisor: Ryan Shutt, Director of Marketing at Southwest Exteriors

Apprentice: Samuel Mills, Internet Marketing Specialist.

During his apprenticeship, Samuel was able to bring marketing efforts more into the digital space and evaluate third party vendors on their effectiveness.

Key accomplishments:

  • Implemented local review strategy that doubled the number of customer reviews
  • Managed website re-design and added customer testimonial videos
  • Tracked effectiveness of AdWords spend and measured ROI

“The investment we put into Samuel’s training through DCI has been realized multiple times. ” – Ryan Shutt, Marketing Director

Roger Christian & Co.

Supervisor: Clara Guerrero, Senior Account Supervisor at RCCO.

Apprentice: Amantha Hons, Social Media Coordinator.

During her apprenticeship, Amantha was able to bring marketing efforts more into the digital space and add new value to her clients.

Key accomplishments:

  • Implemented Google Analytics reporting strategy
  • Created social media and website reporting templates for client reviews
  • Increased following on clients’ social media pages by 154%
  • Earned Tableau Desktop 10 certification

“I’m blown away that this apprenticeship program exists in San Antonio, continued learning is huge for reaching your career goals.” – Clara Guerrero, Senior Account Supervisor

Pear Analytics

Supervisor: Ryan Kelly, Founder of Pear Analytics Internet Marketing Agency

Apprentice 1: Reese Garcia, SEM Manager

Apprentice 2: Joseph Hwang, SEM Analyst

The first apprentice hire was able to increase AdWords spend ROI for their clients and grew the business enough to add another apprentice to the rapidly growing SEM team.

Key accomplishments:

  • Developed effective SEM account management and onboarding process
  • Managed PPC spend increase from $1M to $2.9M
  • Partnered with sales team to improve system for lead generation
  • Grew SEM client base enough to hire more paid search team members

“Going to DCI was a natural fit. We’re getting new marketing talent committed to the digital space who want to learn and grow.” – Ryan Kelly, agency founder

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