Matt Pompa

DCI Instructor

With his background in engineering and love for creativity, Matt Pompa tells stories through data analysis, marketing reports and producing digital videos for clients. His expertise of applying inbound marketing and growth hacker strategies served him well in previous positions as a marketing analyst and asset development analyst.

His specialities include research, data analysis, digital video production and project management. Matt also uses Google Analytics and social media to improve marketing strategies and content development.

What apprenticeship experience did you benefit from most?

My best apprenticeship (internship) was working with Baylor Photography in the Marketing Department. My boss was a former Sports Illustrated photographer with numerous cover photos. What made the experience so beneficial was I was thrown into the deep end where I would either sink or swim. My first assignment was a football game where all my photos (about 1,000) were completely useless. Many would consider this a failure, but my boss used it as an opportunity to teach me and help me grow. It was baptism by fire, but with the right leadership I never got burned.

What emerging marketing technology excites you?

Video analytics and how a company like Wistia has been able to develop technology to really monitor videos value beyond view count is my favorite tech – especially since it keeps evolving!

DCI Instructor

Belief Statement

“Always let your personality shine through the work you do, and love what you create. Recognize where you can improve, but love it and learn from it.”

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