How does Digital Creative work?

Digital Creative partners with innovative companies to develop highly skilled digital marketing talent. As the first Federally recognized Digital Marketing Apprenticeship in the nation, we provide your company with high performing and growth-minded individuals who will make an immediate and long-lasting impact on your marketing team.




Our turnkey solution accelerates your junior talent’s development, allowing seasoned marketers to focus on what they do best.


Training meets Doing.

Apprenticeship is a model of accelerating career and skill development through intentional, hands-on training. Not only will you hire the top marketing talent, they will continue to grow their technical and professional skills through DCI’s training, coaching, and mentoring both on and off the job.

Businesses that invest in front-line talent solutions free up their senior marketers, simultaneously developing their future marketing leaders.

Designing A Custom Apprenticeship


  • DCI will work with your company to design a custom pathway for developing highly skilled digital marketing talent

  • Your Company Apprenticeship will include custom coaching for your Apprentices

  • Design custom curriculum plan aligned with your company brand and culture


  • DCI will work with your company’s marketing team to ensure alignment towards marketing strategy

  • DCI works alongside HR to ensure apprenticeship success

  • Apprentice will learn digital marketing skills on nights and weekends while working in a full-time marketing role


  • Your company will accelerate the growth and performance of entry-level talent

  • Your company will bring fresh innovation from connection to a wider learning community

  • The apprentice, a DCI coach, and your company will develop a plan for retention and continued success

Digital Creative Partner Companies

Meet our partner companies in San Antonio and Austin who have hired apprentices to join their team and make an impact. Supervisors, their apprentice, and a DCI head coach meet quarterly to review performance, set goals, and ensure career alignment. As a result, businesses experience growth and a 93% retention rate!

” The investment we put into our apprentices’ training through DCI has been realized multiple times.”

— Ryan Shutt, Marketing Director

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