How does Digital Creative work?

Digital Creative partners with local businesses to identify new marketing talent needs, then sources and trains entry-level talent to join the team and make an impact from day one. Our goal is to provide your businesses with a high performing and growth minded individual who will have an immediate and long-lasting impact on your marketing team.




We accomplish this by providing recruitment plus talent cultivation through an apprenticeship model.


learning through doing.

Not only will you hire the top marketing talent, they will continue to grow their technical and professional skills through Digital Creative training, coaching, and mentoring both on and off the job. Apprenticeship is a model of accelerating career and skill development through intentional, hands-on training. For businesses it means investing in new talent and for apprentices is means investing in their career and learning.

The Apprenticeship Process


  • Partner with Digital Creative to identify the needs of your business and marketing team
  • We source and vet talent to fill the position by sending you candidates to interview
  • You hire an apprentice to begin in their role before the apprenticeship training begins


  • Your new team member will participate in the apprenticeship program on nights and weekends to further develop their digital marketing skills
  • They’ll learn skills such as: marketing automation, inbound strategy, project management, front-end web development, and more
  • Your apprentice will have access to a network of marketing experts across the country


  • You, your apprentice, and a DCI coach will meet quarterly during the first 12 months to review performance and set goals
  • A relationship of trust and openness forms as both parties share values and long-term goals
  • Through the Alliance Framework, we ensure the apprentice and your business are on the same page about expectations

Digital Creative Partner Companies

Meet our partner companies in San Antonio and Austin who have hired apprentices to join their team and make an impact. Supervisors, their apprentice, and a DCI head coach meet quarterly to review performance, set goal goals, and ensure career alignment. As a result, businesses experience growth and a 93% retention rate.

” The investment we put into our apprentices’ training through DCI has been realized multiple times.”

— Ryan Shutt, Marketing Director

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