Level 1 Apprenticeship

Our first step in helping you bridge the gap

With the majority of the Level 1 Program being centered around 1-on-1 coaching, apprentices receive individualized instruction based on their skillsets, personalities, and goals. Whether you’re finishing up college or are already in a full-time role, this program has what it takes to accelerate your growth.

  • Tools for the job hunt
  • How to build skills
  • Earn an in-demand certification
  • Develop self-awareness/leadership

Job Hunt Tools

Skill Building



Level 1 Apprentices will spend an average of 10 hours/week on assignments and courses.

Digital apprenticeship level 1 timeline

Turn 12 weeks into a long-term successful career!

Level 1 Program Overview

  • Employer-ready resume & portfolio
  • Opportunity identification and outreach support from DCI team
  • Hands-on digital marketing experience
  • Successfully proven job hunt strategy
  • Confidence to engage with employment opportunities and marketing leaders

Is the Level 1 Apprenticeship for you?

What’s after Level 1?

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