Josh Salmons

DCI Instructor

U.S. Army veteran Josh Salmons served a variety of roles during his time of service and is now a leading social media and public relations strategist. His many previous roles include: newspaper writer and editor, public affairs officer, journalism instructor, social media coordinator and Department of Defense spokesperson.

Josh has extensive experience in developing best practices for corporate communications, media relations and social media – and is effective at training others in these areas. He also does freelance consulting for many organizations in San Antonio, working with them to drive new business by connecting with their intended audiences.

What apprenticeship experience did you benefit from most?

Being a public relations specialist in the Army. They have the habit of tossing you into the thick of things right away, whereas it might take years to reach the same level of exposure and responsibility in the private sector.

What emerging marketing technology excites you?

The maturing field of Natural Language Processing. As machines learn to parse sentiment (or at least aid in it), make recommendations and craft nuanced, correct linguistic responses, the exponential number of possible customer interactions becomes more manageable.

DCI Instructor

Belief Statement

Obstacles to change are constant. The personalities and mindsets that resisted the printing press are similar to those pushing back against marketing automation or wearables. Allies, not arguments, are how paradigms shift.”

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