Jermaine Malcolm

Apprenticeship Experience / Operations Manager

Jermaine is ultimately in the relationship building business. Whether that is through software or personal relationships, his path is directed by the serving those around him.

He is fascinated by scalable solutions and enjoys working in dynamic environments. This combination of technology and community led him to start RecChanges, using recreation, and sports to build community through a scalable software service.

His humble upbringing in Jamaica along with his non-profit background taught him how to be resourceful, where to find opportunity, and most importantly how to connect with people through the stories that matter.

What apprenticeship experience did you benefit from most?

The first relationship that comes to mind is of my grandmother. Growing up in Jamaica, I learned at an early age how iron my uniforms, wash my clothes, and cook because she would wanted me to develop those skills and not be dependent on someone to complete them. She would also remind me every morning that “manners will bring you a far way”. I’m a lot like my Grandma..and I love it.

What emerging marketing technology excites you?

As a person who often tries to do too much at the same time, I’m interested to see the evolution of marketing automation. Each day, tools and processes are becoming more accessible. As marketers, the faster we can adopt to these changing technology, the longer we can have an edge on the competition.

Jermaine Malcolm San Antonio TX

Belief Statement

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”

-Isaac Newton

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