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What is Apprenticeship?

Quite simply, apprenticeship is the integration of education and work. The practice of apprenticing is as old as the trades it was designed to serve. In the Middle Ages, passing on a skill to the next generation was both a moral imperative and good business practice. Apprentices learned highly marketable skills and were trained to view their work as a craft, rather than just a job.

Apprenticeship at its core is rooted in the idea of transformational and continuous learning. An apprentice in the 21st century learns an art or trade through hands-on, practical experience with the feedback and support of an expert.

Apprenticeship in the Modern World

The tremendous rate of change in today’s digital environment calls for continuous learning and adaptation. In order to succeed, businesses must constantly adapt to keep up with the pace of change around them. Connected to this macro shift in the business environment is a shift in how we learn.

Learning must now be embedded in the workflow. It must be continuous and connected to immediate challenges. Because of this, the apprenticeship mindset that emphasizes continuous learning through hands-on application is more important and relevant than ever.

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