Hire Top Tech Talent At No Additional Cost

Whether it’s new tech talent that can step in and make an impact, or existing employees looking to rapidly upskill, DCI can be a partner in talent development. While working as your full-time employee, they dedicate time on nights and weekends to further develop their digital skills.

To support a zero-debt strategy, DCI tuition has primarily been funded through an agreed reduction in salary. Apprentices are also qualified for local and national funding. With these strategies, your employees receive relevant development without any required budgetary impact.
Hire An Apprentice

Only Digital Creative connects you with the top 1% of tech talent.

Hands-off, but hands-on

Your early career talent will learn from the best practitioners in the region and across the nation through project-based work. However, the obligations of your team will be minimal. Each apprentice has a performance coach for accountability and helps to align company goals with their learning.

Consistently attracting talent

Because our apprenticeship is the only recognized DOL registered program of it’s kind, we attract driven early-career talent from all over the U.S. 40% of apprentices are from out of state and 81% of the individuals going through our program are considered underrepresented minorities in the tech space.

Proven results

You would not be our guinea pig. We’ve graduated over 80 apprentices and worked with over 35 companies. The companies include global brands like Argo Group and the #1 media company in the nation. 77% of our apprentices have been rated as high performing, high potential employees by their direct supervisor.

Nothing to Lose

We’re not a sourcing or recruiting team, our focus is rapid & effective skills development. This means there are no fees associated with collaborating. Apprentices, with available support by local and national grants, are responsible for a 14K tuition over 18 months.

77% of our apprentices have been rated as high performing, high potential employees

Apprentice Impact

DCI Apprentices train for over a year under the guidance of digital marketing and data analytics experts, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have an impact on Day 1.

That’s because we only accept the best and brightest of those who apply (around 1%) who have proven their skill and commitment to digital marketing and data analytics.

Check out our video on Nelson’s growth story, apprentice to Director of Marketing at NSR Holdings. Then contact us to learn what an apprentice can do for your business!

Upskill your Talent with the First DOL approved Apprenticeship

Talent Success

See how a leading San Antonio agency, Pear Analytics has benefitted from hiring two apprentices to build their paid search department and cultivate PPC talent. Founder and CEO, Ryan Kelly, says he loves the dedication that all apprentices have to the digital space and their desire to continuously learn. Check out the video or read the full case study!

DCI can be your partner in talent development

What Skills Do Apprentices Learn?

Digital Marketing                        Data Analytics

Inbound Marketing                         Front End Web Development

Agile Project Management            Data Analysis         

Google Analytics                              Statistics and Modeling     

Paid Search                                       Data Analysis and Preparation                   

Social Media Marketing                 Cloud Technology     

Automation                                       Fundamentals of SQL     

Front End Web Development       IT Project Management     

UX/UI                                                 Python and Coding

Tableau                                              Machine Learning in Python   

Content and Video Marketing      Data Story Telling 

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