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Are you ready to fast-track your career growth?

DCI is applying an old school learning approach to a new tech field: apprenticeship. What does a digital marketing apprenticeship entail?

  • A full-time digital marketing job.
  • Develop relevant digital marketing skills.
  • Connect with leading marketing experts.
  • No debt or loans.

An apprenticeship program does require work; however, DCI apprentices like Casey Lizaso understand they are making an investment to gain years knowledge in a single year.

Casey’s Growth Story

DCI’s Digital Marketing Growth Plan

reese garcia director ecommerce

“Real growth comes from putting knowledge in context. DCI gives apprentices that context by connecting them with real professionals in the field and replacing theory with practice.”

Reese Garcia
DCI Fellow & Director of Ecommerce PPC at Klientboost

A lack of marketing experience and results keep a lot of young, entry-level digital marketers from landing a jobAs a DCI apprentice, you’ll gain experience through real-world projects involving actual budgets, real clients, and results you help impact during this 12-month program.

We accomplish this by:

  • Mentor Matching

    Get a mentor that will help you throughout your career.

  • Expert Instructors

    Hands-on learning from active digital marketing experts.

  • Goal Tracking

    Personalized coaching & goal setting to track your growth.

  • Course Personalization

    Tailored courses to help you in your specific career track.

DCI Apprenticeship vs. Traditional Learning Models

The apprenticeship model is an establish learning method used for centuries: the goal is to actively learn from current professionals.


Universities are measured by their enrollment (tuition paying students) not graduates securing jobs. Other issues are:

  • Rising cost of tuition and books.
  • Lack of ROI for degree and job placement.
  • Graduating without relevant experience.

Online Learning

The democratization of education is extraordinarily beneficial: however, there are still limitations with online learning programs:

  • No connection with experts in a one-on-one setting.
  • Lack of real-time instructor feedback
  • Reputable subscriptions high-cost
  • Content quality outdated or amateur 

The DCI Apprenticeship

The Digital Creative Institute overcomes all these challenges and more through the apprenticeship model by:

  • Helping you secure a job during your application process.
  • Brings talent from across the nation to coach and mentor you.
  • Facilitating one-on-one learning by providing you access to it’s network of digital marketing professionals.

Should I Apply to DCI?

Apprenticeship is not for everyone. However, for those who embrace the challenge – growth in a year – they’ll discover new levels of personal and professional achievement.

Consider the following questions before you apply:

  • Do you enjoy continued learning?
  • Are you willing to commit about 15-20 hours a week – on top of a full-time job – to fast-track your skills development?
  • Do you value leadership development in addition to technical skills?
  • Are you willing to work hard, individually and as a team, to create best-in-class marketing campaigns?
casey lizaso dci apprentice

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

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