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Apprenticeship is arranging life and work around learning. 

What does the apprenticeship experience look like?

You’ll join a first-of-its-kind program that leads to a Nationally recognized Apprenticeship Certification and opportunity for massive career growth! In a 5 day week you’d work for 40 hours per week at your marketing job. On evenings and some weekends, you will complete projects and learn new skills with the rest of the apprentices. The cohort, all of the apprentices, meet 2-3 times per week at Geekdom (San Antonio) or WeWork (Austin) to collaborate and learn from a local marketing professional.

The apprenticeship is learning new marketing skills through working a marketing job in combination with studying and projects outside of work. The DCI Team will meet with you and your employer regularly to ensure you are bringing the maximum value to your employer in addition to furthering your own skills.

How does job placement work?

DCI will help you find the perfect marketing job. We will help you identify openings in the areas that match your skill set and interest. And we’ll support you through the application process.

We will help get you in front of potential employers and set up interviews, but it is up to you to position yourself as a great candidate and secure your job.

Please note that the job you attain will not be within Digital Creative Institute, but likely with one of our partner companies that we will connect you with.

What is the time commitment?

40 hours per week working a full-time job plus 15-20 hours per week in additional training/skill development outside of work. Check out the How It Works page.

What if I already have a job?

That’s awesome – we will work with your employer to outline your learning plan. The apprenticeship will not conflict with your work schedule as we only meet on evenings and weekends. We’re sure your employer will be thrilled that you are looking to further develop your marketing skills.

How much is tuition?

Total tuition cost for DCI is $14k. Contributions from your employer, grants and/or scholarships reduce the amount the apprentice is required to pay. Apprentices will have the option of paying tuition over the course of 18 months deducted directly from your paycheck at a maximum of $777 per month or utilizing Climb Credit to spread payments out up to 48 months.  Learn more about tuition costs on the Schedule and Compensation page.

Where do we meet for sessions as a cohort?

San Antonio cohorts meet at Geekdom downtown and Austin cohorts meet at WeWork University Park.

What skills and knowledge will I gain?

Core certifications for all apprentices:

  • Certificate of Apprenticeship Completion by the U.S. Department of Labor
  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdWords (including Mobile and Shopping)
  • Hubspot Software Certification
  • Personal Scrum Master
  • Tableau

Skills overview:

  • Marketing automation
  • Content marketing
  • SEO and paid search campaigns
  • Video and mobile marketing

Along the course of the 15 months, there will be many opportunities for electives and customizing the curriculum to accommodate each apprentice’s learning goals.

For example, two of our apprentices decided they wanted to learn a marketing automation platform in addition to Hubspot, so DCI got them access to a Pardot account for them to learn that platform and get certified.

What happens with my job after I complete the apprenticeship?

It’s just like any other job – where your job status lies between you and the company. Depending on the company’s evaluation of you after the apprenticeship and your personal experience, there are 3 things that can happen;

1) you continue working in that position at the company,

2) you move up the ranks to more of a leadership role within the company, or

3) DCI helps you find another marketing job to move on to. Ideally, you would remain at the company but sometimes it’s best to move onto a different opportunity where your new skills will be put into place.

Who are the instructors of the sessions?

Here’s a list of all our instructors and mentors. We identify marketing professionals who are leaders in their field to lead apprentice sessions and lend their expertise.

What does having a coach mean?

A coach is there for you to guide you along with your training/learning goals. Our head coach, Aurora, will meet with you individually on a regular basis to ensure you are on the best career path. You will set weekly, quarterly, and annual goals and your coach will help you stay on track and achieve those goals. Read the DCI coaching overview here

How is my performance measured?

Every week you’ll set goals that you will achieve with support from DCI and receive a grade based on goal accomplishment. Since every apprentice has a slightly different learning plan, each apprentice will also have different goals to reflect that.

What interaction is there between the company/employer and DCI?

Before the apprenticeship begins, DCI will sit down with the employer to lay out learning goals and determine what skills are a priority for the employer and for the apprentice to learn. Then DCI will meet with the employer and apprentice quarterly to review their progress. Read about the relationship between apprentice Sam Mills and his boss, Ryan, at Southwest Exteriors on the apprenticeship experience so far.

The apprenticeship sounds challenging, do I have what it takes?

Yes! Apprenticeship is all about working and learning in a fun, collaborative, and energetic environment. Together you and other apprentices will build big things and help one another grow rapidly. You’ll learn more and faster than trying to do this alone. It can be strenuous at points, but if you’re determined and ready for the challenge you’ll succeed. Plus, you’ll have a great team supporting you.

What if I already have a skill or certification the cohort is learning?

Perfect – we offer many electives for you to choose from if you already have a skill in the core curriculum. For example, Reese Garcia came into the apprenticeship already a master of PPC. When it came time to learn AdWords, Reese came up with an elective idea of going further into customizable JavaScript for Adwords. While the apprentices were learning the basics of AdWords and getting their certifications, Reese was working with a local AdWords expert to further the knowledge he already had. Read about Reese’s story here. DCI will also find additional instructors to teach you an elective if you already have the skill the other apprentices are learning.

Is the apprenticeship for entry-level only?

The majority of our apprentices are in entry level jobs and have graduated college within the last 3 years. However, we also welcome other apprentices who are further along in their marketing careers who want additional skill development. Our focus is placing recent graduates into entry level marketing positions but also training marketers of all skill levels via the apprenticeship.

How is compensation determined?

Based on experience level of the individual and the company – DCI does not directly determine your salary. Most apprentices earn an average entry level marketer salary in that city. Check out the Schedule and Compensation page to learn more.

What’s the difference between apprenticeship and internship?

Apprenticeships are full-time positions and internships are part-time for current college students.

As an apprentice you’ll work full-time, 40 hours per week as a marketer and spend an additional 15 to 20 hours per week receiving classroom instruction and projects to further your digital skills. Internships are usually for students still in college and are part-time. Currently, DCI does not offer internships – just apprenticeships for college graduates looking for full-time, paid marketing positions.

Are Veterans able to use their military benefits for the program?

As a Dept of Labor Registered and Veteran’s Affairs approved Apprenticeship, qualifying Veterans and their dependents can utilize Federal benefits towards the program. For more information, visit our Veterans page here.

Check out apprenticeship opportunities – here.

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