Meet our Digital Marketing Fellows

After completing the pre-apprenticeship and 12 months of rapid skill development in the apprenticeship program, apprentices who meet the requirements become Digital Creative Fellows. These fellows went above and beyond in their skill development and learning goals. They tackled electives and curated excellent portfolios.

Requirements for Digital Creative Fellows:

  • Maintain an overall grade of 80% or higher on projects and goal setting
  • Earn 3 certifications – in addition to Google Analytics and HubSpot Inbound

Read each fellows’ key accomplishments and click on their image to view their LinkedIn profile.

Austin Apprentices Group Picture

Cohort SA6 – San Antonio

January 2019 – 2020


Kimran Hill

Marketing Director at Urban Brick Pizza

Key Accomplishments

  • Mapped Customer Journey
  • Increased GMB Visibility by 45%
  • Grew Social Media Following by 132%
  • Google Ads Campaign Projected ROI $3 mil

Jessica Hernandez

Digital Marketing Specialist at Evoque Group

Key Accomplishments

  • Got promoted to Digital Marketing Specialist position in under a year of being with Evoque Group
  • Increased overall social media following for both company divisions
    -Clear Design by 113%
    -CBI Group by 164%
  • Grew Clear Design’s website traffic via paid search campaigns by 121%
  • Optimized social media & web performance reporting processes for both company divisions

Paola Herrera

Social Media Advertising Specialist at Adlucent

Key Accomplishments

  • Scrum Knowledge – IMI Inbound Marketing Campaign
  • Content Marketing – Belden’s Automotive Campaign Launch
  • Social Media and Video Best Practices – Rise Recovery Counselor Videos
  • SEO Auditing and Enhancing – GDC Website Audit and Recommendations
  • Google Analytics and Ads – SA School Finder Google Ad Campaign
  • Email Marketing Automation – Walkingspree Email Automation
  • UX/UI Framework – Texas CASA Landing Page
  • Web-Development – Paola-Herrera.com
  • Tableau Public – Don’t Mess With Texas Song Search Paid Analysis

Dejanira Lamkin

Digital Marketing Coordinator at Ellison Drive Animal Hospital

Key Accomplishments

    -Branding Guidelines
    -Google Ads Overhaul
    -Landing Page Segmentation
    -Trivia Lead Generation
    -Email Campaigns
    -Sponsorship E-commerce Landing Page
    -Press Release
    -Photo & Video Production
    -Email Campaigns

Caris Longoria

Consulting Manager at Tech3

Key Accomplishments

  • Hubspot Email Marketing
  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing
  • Hubspot Marketing Software
  • Blackbaud Altru Certified 2019
  • Hubspot Frictionless Sales
  • Hubspot Inbound Sales

Lauren Williams

Demand Generation Marketer at IMI Global

Key Accomplishments

  • Growth – Created and grew marketing processes and systems for North America region
  • Influence – Influenced with advocacy to upper management regarding Marketing activities and cross-department/company  synergy
  • Implementation – Implementing Account Based Marketing for increased lead generation and focused brand awareness
  • Results – 10% MQL Hit Rate 4 SQLs in 2019 Est. Increase Sales Pipeline Volume of $20M

Jacqueline Suttin

Product Manager at Walkingspree

Key Accomplishments

  • GROWTH – Grew registration and device sales by 10% in 2 months through customized HTML/CSS Drip Campaigns
  • SEGMENTATION – Segmented market by optimizing all segment product mix elements, including product positioning, product bundling, and pricing
  • PROMOTION – Got promoted in under one year of being with Walkingspree
  • NEW CONCEPTS – Introduced and optimized my company by introducing Marketing Automation for the First Time

Ashley Soto

Digital Marketing Strategist/Key Account Lead

Key Accomplishments

  • Built – Buyer journey structure journeys with Facebooks Ads, Landing Pages, chatbots, and strengthened the pipeline process with automated integrations.
  • Revived – A damaged account and increase revenue by 13.45% in 6 months. At the end of January 2020, account revenue is set to exceed over 29%.
  • Developed – A strategic partnership with a new franchise and initiated a pilot for franchise marketing display ads.
  • Nominated – to develop a recognition award committee and ensure employees receive recognition for their performance.

Koko Ntuen

Marketer at Pace Communications

Key Accomplishments

  • Hubspot Marketing Software
  • Facebook Blueprint
  • Hubspot Content Marketing
  • Hubspot Marketing Software
  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing

Cohort ATX5 – Austin

October 2018 – 2019


Keenan Burke-Pitts

Associate Digital Analyst at Tinuiti

Key Accomplishments

  • 261% growth in organic traffic, YoY
  • 461% growth in GMB engagements, YoY
  • 5+certificates in Digital Marketing & Analytics
  • SEO analytics strategist for 10+ clients

Gerardo Gonzalez

Growth Marketing Coordinator at Growth Institute

Key Accomplishments

  • Created processes in referrals and lead scoring
  • Marketing support across all social channels
  • Social Media, Email, Google Adwords & Analytics Certifications

Alexandra DeLeon

Social Media Advertising Specialist at Adlucent

Key Accomplishments

  • Strategized & Developed Email Automation, Facebook & SEO Campaigns
  • 5+ Certifications
  • Career growth in Paid Social
  • Launched & Maintained a personal brand

Kelly Dugas

Jr. Account Executive at SmartTouch Interactive

Key Accomplishments

  • Lead contact for company’s largest account
  •  5+ Certifications
  • Produced Training Guides for new hires
  • Built Branding Guides for various clients

Cohort SA5 – San Antonio

March 2018 – 2019


Mark Alvarez II

Digital Marketing Strategist at Digiboost

Key Accomplishments

  • Wrote an eBook called “The WOW Approach”
  • Launched a company blog with over 55 posts
  • Created and launched a successful podcast with a week
  • Won Nexo’s “Hustler of the Month” for February 2019

Kathryn Curry

Chief Strategist at Nexo Revolution

Key Accomplishments

  • Reached 100,000 YouTube Subscribers
  • Promoted to Project Manager after 10 Months
  • Worked with 80+ Clients in Various Industries
  • Launched 140+ Facebook Campaigns

Davone Hills

Content Marketing Specialist at The Argo Group

Key Accomplishments

  • Networked with top marketers and mentors
  • Developed professional skills confidence through coaching and goal setting
  • Created sign-up campaign with a 40% conversion rate for the company
  • Transitioned from a graphic designer into a marketing professional

Catheline Huynh-lam

Digital Marketing Strategist at Dannemiller

Key Accomplishments

  • Email Marketing – Growth in ARC/PRC products using email
    marketing for a positive growth of 32% YoY ($34,996.72)
  • Website – Maintenance, SEO implementation, Single-page, and multi-tabbed landing page design and copywriting.
  • Reporting – Creating Excel Dashboards for Analytics, Sales showing
    Month-to-month, year over year comparison, and product lines broken down. Data used to back decisions of continuing product growth and marketing campaigns.
  • Google Ads – Taking overall paid advertising campaigns and creating ads that are relevant to the product using best practices.

Tyrone Loud II

Junior Project Manager at Media Digital Source

Key Accomplishments

  • Earned 5 in-demand digital marketing certifications, including Google Analytics and Google Ads
  • Managed freelance PPC campaigns for small business and agency clients
  • Create SQL Data Query project

Ana Poenisch

Digital Marketing Coordinator at Dornak Auto Parts Inc.

Key Accomplishments

  • Earned Five Digital Marketing Certifications Including Professional Scrum Master (PSM1)
  • Successfully executed a Comprehensive Social Media Launch Plan for Dornak Auto Parts
  • Leadership Experience and Agile Project Management training as Cohort Lead for Digital Creative Institute.
  • Affiliate Marketing intermediary for Dornak Auto Parts and Carquest

Cohort ATX4 – Austin

July 2018 – 2019


George Andersen

Digital Marketing Specialist at Kasasa

Key Accomplishments

  • Earned 5 certifications : Google Analytics, Google Adwords, HubSpot Marketing Software, HubSpot Email Marketing, HubSpot Content Marketing
  • Managed and optimized ~130 accounts
  • Developed strategies for mass optimizations resulting in an effortless improvement of CTR month over month
  • Developed and executed automated reporting for marketing campaigns
  • Developed an automated process for creative performance reporting
  • The Trade Desk (4 certifications)

Rachel Anthony

Digital Marketing Client Representative at Practice Cafe

Key Accomplishments

  • Earned 6 certifications : Scrum, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Hubspot Inbound Marketing, Hubspot Content Marketing, Hubspot Inbound Sales
  • Developed Email Marketing & Content Marketing Strategies, and SEO & Google Ads campaign analysis projects
  • The Working Foodie Blog
  • Castillo Music Studio Website
  • Coordinating campaigns and designs for 50-60 clients
  • Increased client load by up to 10 % since January
  • Aided DMS teams in achieving SEO, PPC, and FBA goals for clients
  • Given the title of Sales Liason on the Client Rep team at PC

Claudia Lopez

Marketing Specialist at EBQuickstart

Key Accomplishments

  • Earned 6+ digital marketing certifications.
  • Designed and launched personal website.
  • Created and implemented a brand new marketing strategy for current employer.
  • Networked with top marketers and mentors.

Cohort SA4 – San Antonio

August 2017 – July 2018


Alexis Bonilla

Content Marketing Specialist at Digital Creative Institute

Key Accomplishments

  • Collaborated on projects for partner companies with other apprentices
  • Earned top industry certifications and built personal portfolio
  • Developed professional skills through coaching and goal setting
  • Networked with top marketers and mentors
Jermaine Malcolm San Antonio TX

Jermaine Malcolm

Head of Growth Partnerships at Digital Creative Institute

Key Accomplishments

  • Led efforts to transition DCI’s curriculum to a learning management system for scaling optimization.
  • Developed and implemented key programs and initiatives to optimize the apprentice experience.
  • Recruited and nurtured strategic relationships to further DCI’s apprenticeship experience and movement
  • Became a cross-functional marketer, completing a number of projects in various areas of Digital marketing, and earned 6 certifications including the PSM 1.
Matt Reiter San Antonio TX

Matt Reiter

Automated Marketing Specialist at Digital Defense

Key Accomplishments

  • Became a Salesforce Certified Pardot Specialist & Marketo Certified Expert
  • Optimized our marketing automation instance for better reporting and usage
  • Grew knowledge of HTML/CSS through Web Dev application and practice
  • Created a reporting template to visualize annual campaign data
Erin Winch San Antonio TX

Erin Winch

Digital Media Specialist at Digital Marketing Sapiens

Key Accomplishments

  • Collaborated on projects for partner companies with other apprentices
  • Earned top industry certifications and built personal portfolio
  • Developed professional skills through coaching and goal setting
  • Networked with top marketers and mentors

Cohort ATX3 – Austin

February 2018 – 2019


Alex Allrich

Digital Marketing Strategist at Acton Academy

Key Accomplishments

  • Introducing lean/agile project management to my department
  • Developing a paid social strategy with a highly competitive customer acquisition cost
  • Implementing e-mail automation and campaigns that have generated $50k+ in the first 6-8 weeks already
  • Learning my first language (Python)

Elena Chow

Digital Marketer at Jaxzen Marketing

Key Accomplishments

  • Published over 60 written industry articles for 4 clients based on keyword research, data reports, and AP style guidelines.
  • Designed and co-produced 3 eBooks for lead generation projects, paid ads, and email marketing.
  • Developed and launched a live interactive content experience for a landing page.
  • Expedited social media management and curation for various clients with a customized social bulk spreadsheet, boosting engagement and efficiency.

Jonathan Compton

Marketing Operations Analyst at Magna Life Settlements

Key Accomplishments

  • Inbound Marketing Strategy
  • Data visualization
  • Google Analytics Suite
  • Learned Python

Ethan Fleming

Digital Marketer at Jaxzen Marketing

Key Accomplishments

  • Automated social media with the “perfect” bulk upload template.
  • Passed scrum certification and used it over the past year.
  • Designed several successful paid-ad strategies.
  • Developed my copywriting skills through many articles/landing pages/social posts.

Casey Lizaso

Digital Marketing Campaign Manager at Effective Spend

Key Accomplishments

  • Got Promoted from Specialist to Strategist role in a little over a year
  • Earned 6+ Digital Marketing Certifications and created a personal website & online Portfolio
  • Drove total ad revenue for kid’s bike client by $1.5M (+130%) for 2018 YoY using Paid Search and Social channels
  • Managed up to 9 clients in 8 different paid media channels at a time

Safiatou Soumana

Digital Marketing Specialist at Acton MBA

Key Accomplishments

  • Developed/Launched 3 Major Brand Reposition Strategies
  • Researched, wrote, and developed a 25-page eBook on Generation Z
  • Crafted a holistic inbound marketing strategy that increased event attendance 600%
  • Developed a PPC campaign that increased conversions 509% over 6 months

Cohort SA3 – San Antonio

January – December 2017

Charlie Deese digital marketing apprentice San Antonio

Charlie Deese

Marketing Director at SPS DGTL

Key Accomplishments

  • Pardot Specialist Certification
  • Promoted to Director of Marketing at SPS DGTL
  • SPS DGTL Website Content Development
  • Interviewed by The Muse and Permission to Grow

Kim Doughty

Digital Marketing Specialist at SoccerZone

Key Accomplishments

  • Transitioned SoccerZone’s PPC campaigns to Adwords, improving avg. campaign CTR by 248%
  • Managed promotional partnerships with community organizations, brands, and influencers
  • Designed and managed two Squarespace websites
  • Became a certified Pardot Specialist and Scrum Master I
Wesley Haverlah Digital Marketing Apprentice San Antonio

Wesley Haverlah

Digital Marketing Strategist at Cattura Video

Key Accomplishments

  • Planned and executed a new SEO strategy
  • Created opportunities for customers to become brand advocates
  • Took on 2 freelance clients for marketing consulting
  • Surpassed lead generation estimates by 400%
Rachel Page Digital Marketing Apprentice San Antonio

Rachel Page

Digital Marketing Specialist at Supplize

Key Accomplishments

  • Implemented email marketing/monthly promotions for Supplize: increased subscriber list by 52%, and averaged an 18.4% open rate and 5.21% click-through rate
  • Was appointed interim marketing team lead in the absence of a Director of Marketing
  • Created a branding style guide, brand audit, content calendar, and social media strategy
  • Did a partial site redesign for Supplize and Dixie Paper Company websites
Sarah Stephens Digital Marketing Apprentice San Antoino

Sarah Stephens

eCommerce Content Specialist at Supplize

Key Accomplishments

  • Successfully integrating SEO into workplace practices
  • Expanding and discovering creative passions
  • Strengthening storytelling techniques to develop engaging copy
  • Experimenting with data analytics
Matthew Traywick Digital Marketing Apprentice San Antonio

Matthew Traywick

Director of Marketing at Cook Hearing and Balance

Key Accomplishments

  • The AdWords return on ad spend from both Supplize and Cook Hearing & Balance
  • Created a CryptoCalculator program
  • Set up the new CH&B website from scratch
  • Directed the virtual reality video for the IDDBA trade show

Cohort ATX2 – Austin

Sept 2017 – August 2018

Ariel Dykes Austin TX

Ariel Dykes

Content Strategist at Practice Cafe

Key Accomplishments

  • Collaborated on projects for partner companies with other apprentices
  • Earned top industry certifications and built personal portfolio
  • Developed professional skills through coaching and goal setting
  • Networked with top marketers and mentors
Alicia Palomares Austin TX

Alicia Palomares

Digital Marketing Analyst at Kadence Collective

Key Accomplishments

  • Earned Pardot Specialist Certification
  • Built a website for the agency, kadencedigital.com, with an inbound lead generation strategy
  • Created and organically grew social media presence for Kadence Digital and agency clients
  • Built a custom WordPress theme

Nelson Eisenmann

Digital Marketing Strategist at EBQuickstart LLC

Key Accomplishments

  • Developed skills for marketing automation and received the Salesforce Pardot Specialist and Marketing Cloud Email Specialist certification
  • Wrote quarterly content pillar with corresponding social ads and email marketing campaigns that resulted in a record number of MQLs
  • Launched small-business focused web design consultancy, Eisenmann Design LLC
  • Moved laterally in company from agency-side to in-house. Pioneer in building the EBQ marketing engine
Adrianna Ramos Marketing Austin

Adrianna Ramos

Digital Marketing Analyst at Kadence Collective

Key Accomplishments

  • Earned Pardot Specialist and SCRUM Certifications
  • Successfully launched a personal blog vibewithade.com and YouTube channel with a 600+% growth in channel subscribers
  • Created two pieces of lead generation content to generate leads for company
  • Launched brand new social media channels for company
Kelly Manalo Practice Cafe Austin

Kelly Manalo

Digital Marketing Representative at Practice Cafe

Key Accomplishments

  • Designed and developed a website for Hairchitects Salon
  • Further developed client relations and business skills
  • Gained insight and confidence as a digital marketer and SEO specialist
  • Grew personally and professionally as an individual
Ira Arora Austin TX

Ira Arora

PPC Specialist at Corel Corporation

Key Accomplishments

  • Transitioned into a new role that required steep learning curve
  • Learned how to develop campaigns from beginning to end
  • Understanding customers by analyzing and interpreting data
  • Earned Pardot Specialist & Scrum Master Certifications

Cohort SA2 – San Antonio

August 2016-2017

Amantha Hons San Antonio TX

Amantha Hons

Social Media Coordinator at Roger Christian

Key Accomplishments

  • Increased following on client social media pages by 154%
  • Developed social media ad and content strategies
  • Became Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate
  • Created social media and website reporting templates for client reviews

Christine Contreras

Senior SEO Manager at Gray Digital Group

Key Accomplishments

  • Created and streamlined all SEO onboarding and strategy processes
  • Developed and launched custom WordPress site
  • Transitioned clients to Google Tag Manager and implemented event tracking
  • Increased responsibility in role to include SEM campaigns and building landing pages

A.J. Ellis

Digital Marketing Strategist at Acemart

Key Accomplishments

  • Applied Pandas data analysis library to increase report depth and uncover strategic insights
  • Earned Salesforce Certified Pardot Specialist qualification
  • Became expert in Google Analytics to provide insight into user behavior on ecommerce website
  • Used Tableau to communicate data trends in an easy-to-understand manner

Jeff Goodyear

Digital Marketing Manager at PEZ

Key Accomplishments

  • Grew social following for Facebook by 45%, Twitter by 26% and Instagram by 59%
  • Lowered cost per result for Facebook ads by 33%
  • Optimized email marketing program and increased subscribers by 15K
  • Project managed two major software and website implementations

Carla Sinfon

Campaign Associate at Hostway Corp.

Key Accomplishments

  • Earned Pardot Consultant Certification
  • Became knowledgable in marketing technology and CRMs
  • Transitioned into a new role that required steep learning curve
  • Learned how to develop campaigns from beginning to end

Joseph Hwang

SEM Analyst at Pear Analytics

Key Accomplishments

  • Exceeded projected SEM revenue by 50% at the end of 2016
  • Developed an automated reporting process, reducing time by 75%
  • Created a file management structure improving time utilization by 80%
  • Earned Pardot Specialist & Scrum Master certifications

Sarah Davis

Content Marketing Manager at Digital Creative

Key Accomplishments

  • Learned HubSpot language hubl to build custom landing pages and optimize blog for mobile
  • Promoted to Content Marketing Manager
  • Redesigned and wrote copy for majority of website
  • Developed process for scaling apprenticeship curriculum and experience

Cohort ATX1 – Austin

March 2017 – February 2018

Danielle Allen Cohort 4 Austin

Danielle Rogge

Marketing Coordinator at Five Stone Tax Advisers

Key Accomplishments

  • Expanded website content by creating 15 new pages focused on services offered

  • Increased client base by 125% through inbound and outbound marketing tactics

  • Implemented automation strategies to effectively communicate the right message at the right time

  • Became sole in-house marketer, taking on 100% of the marketing execution

Zac Blankenship C4 Austin

Zac Blankenship

Content Marketing Coordinator at NeverFail

Key Accomplishments

  • 5 new campaigns were created, leading to an increase of 2k+ clients for Neverfail
  • Helped improve communication between sales and marketing
  • Implemented Hubspot at Neverfail
  • Scrum Master Certification
Nena Untung C4 Austin

Nena Untung

Digital Marketing Media Analyst at Effective Spend

Key Accomplishments

  • Automated over 60 reports and developed 10 paid media dashboard templates
  • Established a client conversion audit process that has been utilized for 24 new clients
  • Gained proficiency in implementing conversion pixels on 8 different paid media channels
  • Learned how to use 3 different business intelligence tools for data visualization purposes

Cohort SA1 – San Antonio

January to December 2016


Reese Garcia

Director of Paid Search at Pear Analytics

Key Accomplishments

  • Promoted from SEM Manager to Director of Paid Search
  • Published work on PPCHero.com
  • Developed SEM account management process
  • Managed PPC spend increase from $1M to $2.9M
  • Networked with PPC professionals, including Disruptive Advertising

Samuel Mills

Social Media Analyst at CalTex

Key Accomplishments

  • Implemented successful reputation management strategies
  •  Learned how to use Canon 5D Mark III to create high quality video content
  •  Designed, built, and launched email marketing campaigns
  •  Developed HTML, CSS, and Java Script skills
  •  Project managed website redesigns
Marc 600×350.png.crdownload

Marc Cunningham

Digital Marketing Consultant at Cunning Digital

Key Accomplishments

  • Learned HubSpot automation tools
  • Developed HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding skills
  • Used email marketing to promote events and create brand awareness
  • Created blog promotion strategy to convert web traffic from leads to sales
  • Launched his own company

Victor Vo

Program Manager at Digital Creative Institute

Key Accomplishments

  • Promoted to expand company efforts into Austin
  • Earned Pardot Consultant Certification
  • Developed efficient lead nurturing system
  • Gained proficiency in marketing technology and CRMs
  • Implemented human-centered design strategies
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