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Why Listen

Want to develop your digital marketing skills and learn how to improve your career trajectory? Listen to the DCI Podcast and learn:

  • From active marketing experts.
  • What executive marketers look for in new hires.
  • How-to become an executive level marketer.
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Latest DCI Episodes

Pilot Episode | DCI Podcast

The Digital Creative Institute is launching a digital marketing podcast to help young professionals develop in their marketing careers and personal growth.

If you want to:

  • Learn digital marketing from active experts.
  • How to create a digital marketing resume.
  • How to improve your interviewing skills.
  • And more.

DCI Podcast Hosts

matthew urban dci podcast

Matthew Urban

Matt is an agency-trained marketer who has worked extensively with start-ups. Matt went to Miami University for a BS in Marketing, and upon graduation served in a variety of marketing roles throughout the country. As a founder of a small digital marketing consultancy in Denver, CO, Matt had the privilege of helping small to medium-sized companies build their brands and grow their customer base by creating and executing customized strategies.

matthew pompa dci podcast

Matthew Pompa

Matthew Pompa is the SB Campaign Manager at BigCommerce, and a Digital Creative Institute marketing consultant and instructor. Pompa has worked for digital marketing agencies and an in-house digital marketer for a few corperations. He brings his insights into CRO, email marketing, campaign building, ecommerce knowledge, and hiring marketers to the show – as well as producing the podcast.

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