Data Analyst Frequently Asked Questions

Tuition and Pre-Apprenticeship Questions

Is the apprenticeship program free? Or... How is tuition covered?

Tuition for the Data Analyst Apprenticeship is included as a benefit in addition to your salary. Please note though that you must also interview and receive an offer from our Partner Company in order to complete the Apprenticeship Program.

What is covered in the Pre-Apprenticeship?

SQL, Excel, Python, Tableau, and Interview skills.

How much is tuition?

Tuition will be covered by your employer, in addition to your salary. The value of tuition is $15,000. If you are not selected for a full-time employment opportunity, you will not be liable for any Pre-Apprenticeship program costs.  More details will be provided along with your offer letter.

Are you able to use military benefits for the program?

As a Dept of Labor Registered and Veteran’s Affairs approved Apprenticeship, qualifying Veterans and their dependents can utilize Federal benefits towards the program. For more information, visit our Veterans page here. However, tuition is covered by your employer for the Data Analyst apprenticeship program.

Can I participate in this program remotely if I do not currently live in the Dallas area?

Unfortunetly, no. You must live in the Dallas area.

Apprenticeship Experience and Program Questions

What does the apprenticeship experience look like?

You’ll join a first-of-its-kind program that leads to a Nationally recognized Apprenticeship Certification and opportunity for massive career growth! In a 5 day week you’d work for 40 hours per week at your data analyst job. On evenings and some weekends, you will complete projects and learn new skills with the rest of the apprentices. The cohort, all of the apprentices, meet 2-3 times per week to collaborate and learn from a local data analyst experts.

The apprenticeship is learning new data skills through working a data analyst job in combination with studying and projects outside of work. You can view the Data Analyst curriculm here. The DCI Team will meet with you and your employer regularly to ensure you are bringing the maximum value to your employer in addition to furthering your own skills.

Where do we meet for session as a cohort?

As of right now the plan is to meet at the WeWork in Richardson, TX.

What skills and knowledge will I gain?

Vist the Data Analyst Curriculm page.

Who are the instructors?

We are in the process of recruiting local and regional experts in the field.

How does job placement work?

Pre-Apprentices who stay active in the program will have an opportunity to interview for a full-time Data Analyst role for a Global Tech Consulting company based out of Dallas, TX. They will be bringing on approximately 10 Data Analysts in the first hiring wave. PAs who receive and accept will continue to the Apprenticeship. Those who do not will not be able to proceed and will not be under any financial obligation for the Pre-Apprenticeship training.

What happens with my job after I complete the apprenticeship?

Your employment is entirely between you and the Company, so your employment is entirely at-will.

The apprenticeship sounds challenging, do I have what it takes?

Only you can answer that question. That fact that you’re viewing this page is a great sign though! Typically, our apprentices spend about 10-15 hours outside of their full-time job learning and applying their skills. If that sounds exciting, you likely have what it takes.

What if I already have a skill or certification the cohort is learning?

Apprentices enter at various skill levels.

How is compensation determined?

This is negotiated with our Partner Company and is based on prior experience, however, we estimate that starting salary to between $30k – $40k with additional tuition benefits of $10k-$15k over the first 2 years of employment.

What if I elect to not use my employer’s tuition benefits? Will that increase my salary?


College Credit and Degree Questions

What if I only want to pursue the apprenticeship and not pursue a bachelor's degree?

Completing your Bachelors is not required but may hinder your long-term career growth.

What colleges can I obtain my degree from?

We are working on developing relationships to confirm all transfer credits and will announce those as soon as possible.

Is DCI paying for my bachelors degree?

No, however, your employer may contribute additional money towards this completion.

If I decide to pursue a bachelor's degree, do I have to attend a university immediately following completion of the apprenticeship?

No, you do not.

If I currently have college credit from another four-year institution will it count towards a bachelors through DCI approved universities?

This would need to be addressed on a case-to-case basis.

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