Essential Skills to Accelerate Your Career

Data Apprenticeship Curriculum

Data Analysis

Statistics and Modeling

Data Preparation

Cloud Technology

Fundamentals of SQL

IT Project Management

Data Storytelling

Workplace Leadership

Python and Coding

Machine Learning in Python

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Meet your Pre-Apprentice Instructor and Program Manager

Stephen Perkins

Data Scientist at Pendo.io

I am a Python developer, Machine Learning practitioner, and Data Scientist who uses these tools to decrease companies’ operating costs and increase actionable insights.

Micaela Hoffman

Data Analyst and Program Manager

I can be defined with 3 d’s: Data, Design, and Development. An artist with a technical flair, I love to make meaning out of numbers and work on impact projects in the community. My fire burns to empower individuals from anywhere who live to co-create the future with responsibility and compassion.

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The DCI Way

Job Readiness Assistance

We assist apprentices with finding a data analyst role with a local organization by assisting them to optimize their skills, experience, and portfolios to be ready to land a full-time role.

Coach and Mentor Support

Apprentices have a career coach to develop their professional skills and help set goals aligned with company expectations. As many apprentices are just starting out their careers, having a career coach and mentor is key to building professional skills and setting long-term goals.

Hands-on Experience

Apprentices graduate with in-demand data analyst skills, paired with on the job experience to build a successful career. They also receive a nationally portable certificate recognizing apprenticeship completion from the U.S. Department of Labor, certifying 2,000+ hours invested in data analytics and 180+ hours of training.

Wondering what portfolio projects you’ll be creating during the pre-apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship Manifesto

We whole-heartedly embrace the data analyst apprenticeship model – the integration of education and work. We strongly believe it’s the answer to the ever-changing digital world of work. But this movement is bigger than us. It’s about individuals from all industries adopting a mindset of continuous learning. And it’s changing how we work and grow professionally.

We’ve created a pledge – a Manifesto – detailing the model and how to succeed with an apprenticeship mindset. (We’ll give you a hint: it takes a big dose of humility and an unmatched eagerness to learn.)

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