The Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

Start an Exciting Career in Digital Marketing

With a cohort of peers, apprentices further develop digital marketing skills and apply what they learn back to their full-time job. Here’s an overview of the apprenticeship curriculum:

  • Classroom sessions with local marketing experts 2-3 evenings per week
  • Collaborate on projects for partner companies with other apprentices
  • Earn top industry certifications and build personal portfolio
  • Career coaching for professional development and goal setting
  • Network with top marketers and find mentors


Paid Search


Marketing Automation


Project Management

Apprentices spend 10-15 hours/week on evenings and weekends completing the apprenticeship curriculum.

12 Month Overview

Just as the digital marketing field is constantly evolving, so is the apprenticeship curriculum. Every new cohort we add new topics and update older topics. The curriculum is tailored to each apprentices’ role at our partner company. Cohorts meet 2-3 times per week in the evenings for sessions with instructors on specific topics.




Digital Analytics

PPC Strategy

Content Marketing

Social Media

Strategy II


Web Development

Data Science




1 week

3 weeks

2 weeks

4 weeks

5 weeks

1 week

2 weeks

4 weeks

8 weeks

7 weeks

3 weeks

5 weeks


Introduction to Inbound Marketing, HubSpot Marketing Software

Project Management, Buyer Personas, Integrated MarTech Ecosystem

Conversion Tracking, Analytics Reporting, Google Tag Manager, Regular Expressions

Run Google AdWords campaign, Remarketing Strategy, Ad Copy, CRO, Landing Pages

Blogging, Copywriting, Lead Generation, SEO, Video Marketing, CTAs, Email, Interactive Content

Paid Search Advertising, Metrics and ROI Measurement Tools, Editorial Calendar, Content Creation

Budgeting, Planning, Local Strategy, Mobile Strategy, Strategic Marketing Planning

Automation Tools, Pardot Software, Customized Sales Funnel, CRMs

WordPress, Basics of HTML, CSS, JS, Responsive Web Design,  Create Personal Website

Database Technologies, Tableau, Data Science Solutions

Advanced Excel Analysis of Marketing Data, SQL

Salesforce, Mobile Marketing, Google Shopping, AdWords Scripts, Adobe Creative Suite

12 months of skill building + project work + certifications + coaching!


Apprentices graduate with 5+ in-demand digital marketing certifications to go along with the experience to apply it. They also received a Certificate of Apprenticeship Completion in Digital Marketing from the U.S. Department of Labor Prior, recognizing 2,000 hours invested in your craft and 144+ hours of training.



Apprentices complete a minimum of one project per month either for their company or another partner company. These projects demonstrate digital marketing skills in areas of choosing and are used for portfolios.

  • Implementation of Google Tag Manager
  • Content Marketing Campaign
  • Google AdWords Campaign: Search, Display & Remarketing
  • Build Automation Strategy in Pardot
  • Build Wordpress Site Using HTML, CSS and Javascript Skills
  • Search Engine Optimization Audit
  • Excel/SQL Data Crunching
  • Data Visualization Using Tableau

Career Coaching

Apprentices have a career coach to develop their professional skills    and help set goals aligned with partner company expectations. As many apprentices are just starting out their careers, having a career coach is key to building professional skills and setting long-term goals.

You’ll meet with your coach:

  • Weekly to set goals and track progress
  • In a group setting monthly with the rest of the cohort for professional development
  • Quarterly with your supervisor to set expectations and review performance

What’s next after the apprenticeship? Meet the fellows who completed the program!

5 Ways of Growing

Equally, if not more important than tangible skills, are the intangible skills you will learn. These are the skills that truly embody the apprenticeship mindset. When fully embraced, these skills will allow you to accomplish nearly anything. We’ve synthesized these skills into five pillars.

Determine Your Future
The outcome of your learning is up to you. You need to be the only one making it happen.
Take Action Now
Taking initiative, learning from failure, and doing my best to produce results today.
Seek out the Master
Learn from those with more experience than you.
Give More Than You Get
Ask yourself, 'How can I create exceptional value here?'
Work with Passion
Love what you do and pour your creativity and energy into it.

Apprenticeship Manifesto

We whole-heartedly embrace the digital marketing apprenticeship model – the integration of education and work. We strongly believe it’s the answer to the ever-changing digital world of work. But this movement is bigger than us. It’s about individuals from all industries adopting a mindset of continuous learning. And it’s changing how we work and grow professionally.

We’ve created a pledge – a Manifesto – detailing the model and how to succeed with an apprenticeship mindset. (We’ll give you a hint: it takes a big dose of humility and an unmatched eagerness to learn.)

Join the apprenticeship movement!

Ready to learn and grow in your digital marketing career? Apply today!

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