Chris Magdelain

DCI Head Coach – Austin

Chris Magdelain is an experienced Visual Designer with focus in B2B and B2C creative direction, user experience, product design and marketing communications. He’s a successful entrepreneur and business owner with over 14 years of hands-on visual design experience combining strategy, design skill, technical expertise and business acumen. Chris has delivered comprehensive user experience work through revenue-generating campaigns, identity stewardship, marketing initiatives and interface design for interactive communities, social media tools, and mobile experience design.

With strong empathetic intuition, focused demeanor and the ability to seek out individuals’ strengths, Chris provides individuals, teams and fellow executives with a desirable, relatable coach. He’s a Master Practitioner in the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment – a tool that develops an effective style of leadership that improves how individuals interact with others and themselves. He facilitates human progress by empowering people to assess situations using creative thinking and problem solving skills.

Chris is currently a Global Design Lead at IBM with a focus on user-centric experience design. Previously, he was an Executive & Leadership Development Coach helping high-potentials and entrepreneurs get from where they were to where they wanted to be, as well as Principal of a Visual Design agency catering to high-tech startups.

He’ll serve as the head coach for our apprentices in Austin and guide them in their personal and professional development as digital marketers.

What apprenticeship experience did you benefit from most?

Running a few businesses of my own taught me a lot about business — and myself. Having the ability to learn-by-doing, trial-by-fire and simply making ways to get-it-done, in tandem with others doing the same, was a wonderful experience that provided benefits that I’m still realizing to this day.

What emerging marketing technology excites you?

The concept of machine learning for autonomous driving seems to excite me a lot. As a child, I always wondered when we’d be moving around in “flying cars” — but the concept that they’d be “flying themselves” never occurred to me. I imagine once we master autonomous driving on terrestrial roads, the challenge of autonomous flying will already be solved — provided we have developed an efficient way of actually “flying”. I’m also intrigued by virtual reality.

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