Brad Voeller

Founder and CEO of DCI

Brad Voeller is a champion of innovation that transforms the student experience while creating new pathways for developing a highly skilled workforce.

Brad’s own educational journey of apprenticeships, international service, and hands-on learning taught him to challenge the status quo in order to achieve breakthrough learning. He is passionate about helping students rethink their approach to education and launch careers that align with their life purpose.

In his previous ventures, Brad has observed the significant benefits of cultivating a culture of learning through apprenticeships. He has employed over 100 apprentices and attributes this to his ability to develop and retain necessary talent for a fast-growing startup. As technology transforms our world into a skill-based society, we are witnessing the re-emergence of apprenticeship as a timely solution to the current skills gap crisis. Seeing this opportunity was the catalyst for launching Digital Creative Institute in 2015 and the first-ever digital marketing apprenticeship program in the US.

Previously, Brad co-founded CollegePlus as the leading academic and life coaching service, offering what students need for a well-lived life, not just a degree. Before this, Brad founded two nonprofits and several international education programs in South Korea. He has significant experience working and living abroad.

Today, Brad lives in San Antonio, Texas with his wife Jooyoung and three children.

Brad Voeller Founder of Digital Creative Institute

Belief Statement

“Millennials make incredibly valuable contributions to organizations when connected to the right learning community and work opportunity.”

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