Bootcamp Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Bootcamp different from an apprenticeship?

The Bootcamp is an 8-week accelerated program that provides upskilling, portfolio building, certifications, and weekly coaching focused on skill development and job placement. The apprenticeship is 12-months and provides more in-depth training and skilling building, mentoring, and coaching from practicing industry experts, and 4 weeks of additional job readiness training.

How much does the Bootcamp cost?

$2,000 or 3 installments of $667. You may be eligible to receive a grant for the full cost of tuition if you live in the Greater San Antonio, Texas area. Email admissions@digitalcreativeinstitute.com for more information.

I want to join the Apprenticeship instead. How do I do that?

You have the option of applying for the Apprenticeship at any time, however, if you choose to apply prior to the Bootcamp and are accepted, you receive an additional 4 weeks of job training at no cost, which will immediately follow the 8-week Bootcamp.

How long is the Bootcamp?

The Bootcamp lasts for 8 weeks, consisting of 48 hours of training, including live video conferencing with instructors and mentors.

How much time will I spend per week?

You will spend approximately 15+ hours per week, which includes live video sessions with instructors and mentors on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, as well as portfolio-building, studying for certifications, leadership skill development, and job interview prep (optional).

I only want to do the Bootcamp. Can I do that?

Yes. You are not obligated to apply for or complete the Apprenticeship unless you are interested.

Are there any grants or scholarships available for Bootcamp candidates?

If you are a resident in the San Antonio, Texas area you may be eligible to receive full Bootcamp tuition coverage through a local grant. If you reside elsewhere, check with your local Workforce Board to see if they have any grant funding to offset your tuition cost.

Can I use my military benefits?

Currently, you will only be able to use your benefits towards the full apprenticeship program, not the bootcamp. Visit our veteran’s page to learn more: https://digitalcreativeinstitute.com/veterans/

What time are bootcamp sessions and can I complete the session curriculum on my own time?

The sessions are cohort style so you must be present in the live sessions with your group/instructor weekly for either 8 or 12 weeks depending on which bootcamp program you choose. Sessions are on Monday and Wednesday from 5:30 – 7:30 CST.

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