The Digital Creative Institute Mission:

To partner with employers in transforming lives by bridging the gap between what schools teach and what only work experience can bring.

Why Apprenticeship? 

There’s a bigger story – an entire MOVEMENT behind Digital Creative Institute. Recent support by the Texas Workforce Commission and our nationally-recognized apprenticeship by the U.S. Department of Labor is helping us build that momentum! 

Digital Creative Institute sources growth-minded talented individuals who are eager to learn and match them up with companies seeking new digital marketing or data analysts talent. We then train, mentor, and coach apprentices over a 12 month period to boost skills and ensure long-term alignment with their company, in order for the apprentice to learn and grow their digital marketing skills.

Join us and let’s kick start your Digital Marketing Career, apply today!

We’re bridging the digital talent gap in Texas.

Meet the Team Behind DCI

Brad Voeller Founder of Digital Creative Institute

Brad Voeller

Founder and CEO

Aurora Geis Coach San Antonio Jason Michael Bryant Photography

Aurora Geis

National Director Tech Apprenticeships / Head Coach

Johanna Voeller is the Operations Manager

 Johanna Voeller

Director of Operations

Jermaine Malcolm is an Operations Manager in San Antonio, Texas

Jermaine Malcolm

Head of Growth Partnerships


Matt Urban

Marketing Director / Performance Coach


Karissa Rodriguez

Digital Marketing Strategist

Victor Vo Digital Creative Institute Austin TX

Victor Vo

Sr. Program Manager – ATX


Micaela ‘Mikki’ Hoffman

Program Manager – DTX


Nadia De La Garza

Program Manager – SA / Admissions Specialist


Angela Cassidy

Talent Specialist

Also part of the Digital Creative team are our instructors, mentors and coaches. They guide our apprentices throughout the 12 month apprenticeship. Read about them here!

Digital Creative was founded in 2015 and is based out of Geekdom in San Antonio. Our second location opened in 2017 at WeWork in Austin. Read more about these awesome co-working spaces below!

The Apprenticeship Movement

What if we could sustainably integrate work and learning?

Say hello to the Apprenticeship Movement. We’re bucking the old, broken system for transitioning from college to career. And we’re embracing a modern apprenticeship model where continuous learning is combined with real-world experience. It’s a mindset fueled by growth.

We know we’re going to mess up (a lot), but we refuse to give up. Although can’t pursue every possibility, we’re choosing to take action. We ‘pick ourselves’ and create art that matters.

We actively seek mentors and coaches to accelerate our learning and aren’t afraid to ask questions and challenge the norm. Instead of working from a place of scarcity, we work generously. Our aim is to produce art of exceptional value for others.

The apprentice pledge

We take pride in our craftsmanship – so much so, we’ve created an Apprentice Pledge. The possibility paradox isn’t the last chapter. We’re writing our own ending to the story and taking action.

1 – Persist with Stubborn Self-Determination  Instead of depending on others, I will take responsibility for my future, think for myself, and find my own answer.

2 – Take Action I will act. I will take initiative, learn from failure, and do my best to produce results today.

3 – Seek Out the Master Instead of going it alone, I will surround myself with coaches and mentors.

4 – Give More Than I Get I will take pride in the work I do and generously bring exceptional value for others.

5 – Work with Passion I will love what I do and pour my creativity and energy into it.

Keep reading in our Apprenticeship Manifesto.

Arranging life and work around learning.

San Antonio, TX

DCI headquarters are housed in Geekdom, a collaborative coworking space in the heart of downtown San Antonio. Apprenticeship sessions are held at Geekdom and all apprentices become members. Membership perks include conference rooms, office space, events, workshops and, most importantly, huge networking opportunities with other professionals. At Geekdom you’re surrounded by a passionate and diverse group of entrepreneurs, technologists, developers, makers, and other creative minds, all eager to share ideas and learn new skills.

Austin, TX

DCI Austin is housed at the University Park location of WeWork, a collaborative coworking space with locations all over the United States. With views like nowhere else in the city, this vibrant Austin office space has floor-to-ceiling windows that look out onto the city’s Central Business District and the rolling hills of Hill Country. The office space is home to a diverse community ranging from newly minted startups to some of the biggest names in the tech sector. Apprentices will have access to community events and a massive network of professionals.

Taking Action

Think apprenticeship might be right for you or your business? Join the apprenticeship movement today!

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